Friday, March 18, 2011

Giant CT 102 to Front Wheel Drive Delta Trike Conversion

Giant CT 102 to Front Wheel Drive Delta Trike Conversion
by Bevin Chu
Taipei, China
March 18, 2011

Giant CT 102 Urban Commuter Bike

In previous posts I spoke of converting my Giant CT 102 Urban Commuter Bike into either a DIY LWB (Long Wheelbase) Mid Racer or Low Racer

An alternative might be the following DIY Front Wheel Drive Delta Trikes.

These trikes are exceptionally easy to construct. Their front drive / rear steering configuration is simplicity itself. It obviates the need for either the complex steering geometry normally found on the front wheels of tadpole trikes, or the custom made hubs normally found on the rear wheels of Rear Wheel Drive Delta Trikes.

Homebuilt Recumbent Trike, by Charlie Little of Mansfield, Arkansas, USA

Front Wheel Drive Delta Trike, by Bill "Yoda" Irvine of Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Front wheel drive and three speeds, rear wheel steering, owner uses it to commute five to six miles daily

Minnesota HPVA FWD Ice Racers

These ingenious ice trikes simply flip the rear triangle of a DF bike upside down. Presto! Instant FWD assembly for delta ice trike. Equally applicable to delta street trike, such as the ones shown above. 

Lean Steer Recumbent Trikes, by Robert Horn of Englewood, Colorado, USA

These are not quite as easy to build. Therefore I would probably not attempt to build them. But they are beautiful looking trikes well worth studying for their ingenious lean steer design.

2003 Version

2007 Version

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