Saturday, February 19, 2011

Giant CT 102 to LWB Mid Racer Conversion

Giant CT 102 to LWB Mid Racer Conversion
by Bevin Chu
Taipei, China
February 20, 2011

Giant CT 102 Urban Commuter Bike

Three years ago I bought a Giant CT 102 Urban Commuter Bike. Now that I am forsaking upright bikes for recumbent bikes, I am seriously considering converting it to a DIY LWB (Long Wheelbase) Mid Racer.

Doing so would put the seat height dramatically lower than it is now, making the bike far safer in the event of a spill.

If I do go ahead, I will convert it to something similar to the following DIY LWB Mid Racers.

Recumbent Share Archive

Recycled Recumbents

Atomic Zombies Extreme Machines

Bill Meacham's Aluminum Recumbent, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

Louis's Homebuilt Recumbent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Brian Bolton's Yellow LWB, Canada

Rob Szymanski's Recycle, USA

Steve's Tourmaster, USA

Joey Wallace's Black Widow, USA

Larry's Yellow Bent, Canada

Dan Peterson's Green Machine, USA

The above DIY LWB Mid Racer Recumbents are variations on the DIY Atomic Zombie TourMaster, shown below.

Atomic Zombie DIY TourMaster LWB Mid Racer, Three Views

The Atomic Zombie TourMaster is a variation on the Easy Racers Gold Rush of 1986, which won the DuPont Prize and set a world speed record as the first bicycle to exceed 65 mph.

Easy Racers Gold Rush LWB Mid Racer

The Easy Racers Gold Rush in turn, is a variation on the Jarvis Bicycle of 1902.

Jarvis Bicycle of 1902, possibly the first LWB Mid Racer Recumbent

As the saying goes, "There is nothing new under the sun."


patentist said...

this image is stolen from my site, without even a link or recognition of where it came from. Can you spell "copyright infringement?"

Bevin Chu said...

I'll be happy to delete the image or add a link.

Which do you prefer?

"Stolen" is an interesting word.

Bevin Chu said...

As anyone can see, I have clearly made no attempt to conceal where the images came from.

I listed the names of the people who built the bikes. I sure as hell did not claim credit for building them. I did not even imply that I took the photos.

I have merely commented on DIY bikes that others built.

My blog is not a profit-making blog. It is merely an expression of my interest in design.

I am certainly not attempting to reap financial benefits by anyone else's efforts.

Frankly I don't see how this does anything but benefit anyone who is mentioned, by providing them with added media exposure.

But if they prefer a reduced presence on the net, so be it. I'm perfectly happy to reduce their presence by deleting the images.

Just tell me which ones.

Bevin Chu said...

Interesting note.

Click on the "patentist" link.

See what you come up with.