Sunday, June 20, 2010

Enjoy 121 Ergonomic Office Chair

Enjoy 121 Ergonomic Office Chair
by Bevin Chu
June 21, 2010

Several years ago I purchased a cheap, no name office chair at Costco for $1,300NTD ($40USD).

Yesterday, it finally gave up the ghost. The plastic backer for the padded seat back snapped in two.

So I sprung for the $7,000NTD ($220USD) Enjoy 121 Ergonomic Office Chair, Enterprise Edition, illustrated above and below. The company also makes a Deluxe Edition, which has more adjustments and sells for $12,000NTD ($380USD).

The Enjoy 121 is a mesh style ergonomic chair. It uses no foam rubber on either the seat or the seat back. It is patterned after the $38,000NTD ($1200USD) Herman Miller Aeron, the great grand daddy of mesh style ergonomic chairs.

Sure, for $7,000NTD I could have bought five of my previous chairs.

But to keep matters in perspective, I could have splurged and purchased an Aeron. For the price of a single Aeron I could have bought five Enjoy 121s, or 25 of my previous cheap, no name office chairs.

Viewed from that perspective, I feel downright frugal.

The Enjoy 121 Ergonomic Office Chair is comparatively cheap, but for me it's more comfortable than any number of more expensive ergonomic office chairs.

That's because I have a longer than average torso. When I sit in most chairs, my upper back is usually unsupported. If the chair features a headrest, it is usually not supporting my head, but jabbing me in the upper back. Nothing "ergonomic" about that!

I could have blindly thrown money at the problem, but how much money I was willing to plunk down really wasn't the main issue. The main issue was that the seat backs on many ergonomic office chairs, even expensive ones, simply could not be raised high enough.

Not so the Enjoy 121. It has an exceptionally wide range of seat back height adjustments, making it suitable for users as short as 160cm and as tall as 190cm.

Problem solved.

The Enjoy 121 Ergonomic Office Chair can be found behind the check-in counters and boarding gate counters at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG), aka Chek Lap Kok Airport 赤鱲角機場, designed by famed British architect Norman Foster.

Presumably those charged with furnishing this world class air terminal with office chairs subjected them to a rigorous selection process before purchase.

FYI: I purchased my chair from Haw Jou System Furniture: