Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Fish Wallpaper

Windows 7 Beta Fish Wallpaper
December 16, 2009
Taipei, China

The Story of the Windows 7 Beta Fish, by Matthew Lawrence

Thanks to Matthew Lawrence, a computer programmer in the UK for having the foresight to hang on to a copy of this clever and beautiful wallpaper, and the generosity to make it available to everyone.

Much appreciated!

Be sure to read his fascinating account explaining what the fish had to do with the beta version of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Beta Fish Wallpaper

This wallpaper is beautiful. That much is obvious.

But why did I say it was clever? Because experience shows that blue may well be the most durable color for a wallpaper. Many other colors become tiresome after a while. Blue on the other hand, seems to hold up in the long term.

Given blue as our first choice, what next? One could of course make the blue wallpaper a blue sky. After all, the name of the operating system is Windows. As one looks out one's window, what does one see? The blue sky, of course.

But another, less obvious, but even more ingenious concept, is to make the blue wallpaper the blue sea. The bright spot is of course the sun. Its rays penetrate the surface of the waves.



Matthew Lawrence said...

Glad I could help!

Matthew Lawrence said...

I've made some modifications to my blog, so the new location of the beta fish story is: http://blog.mat-lawrence.co.uk/2009/01/story-of-windows-7-beta-fish.html