Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Nonergonomic! Low Tech Ergonomics

Nonergonomic! Low Tech Ergonomics
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Aviatrix Enterprises

Now you can use EVERY outlet on your power strip without having a tangled mess.

Aviatrix Enterprises offers a product you can't get anywhere else: Power Strip Pals. Tired of those cumbersome power packs that take up all the room on your power strip? Don't throw away your expensive power strip/surge protector. Now you can let your handy little Power Strip Pals move the big plug-in packs out of the way. These little Pals will save you time and money.

Power Strip Pals are made in the U.S.A.
COST: $12.95 per package of three
Power Strip Pals come three (3) per package and are UL listed. Including male and female ends, they are 8.75 inches long. (Cord itself is 4 inches long).

Editor's Comments:

In case you thought that "ergonomics" involves only cutting edge technology designed by leading ID firms, think again. Opportunities for ergonomic improvements are all around us. One need not search far and wide for them -- they're right under our noses. This astonishingly low tech product is a perfect case in point.

Please understand I'm not citing this as an example of "Excellence in Product Design." How could I? It's nothing more than an extra-short extension cord, for god's sake! It almost doesn't deserve to be called a "product." One can barely contain the impulse to break out laughing. I'm merely pointing out a simple fact. Many widely used consumer products are if not ergonomically defective, then at least ergonomically deficient. That fact is allowing someone to make money selling four inch long extension cords!

Notice that it's manufactured in the US of A, and sold only in the US of A? Given the prohibitively high labor costs which prevail in America today, it's a miracle it's even economically viable. The fact that it is tells us something -- industrial designers casting about for products to improve don't have far to look. Industrial designers, stop trying to turn everything into ugly plastic ameobas and fix things that really need fixing!

-- Bevin Chu

Explanation: Aviatrix Enterprises
Illustration(s): Before, After, Power Strip Pals
Author: Aviatrix Enterprises
Affiliation: Aviatrix Enterprises
Publication Date: 2003
Original Language: English
Editor: Bevin Chu, Registered Architect

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